Teaching is a supernatural love. Meet some of our superhero teachers. 

Teaching is a supernatural love. Meet more of our superhero teachers. 

STEM at St. Stephen’s, featuring supplemental learning in our makerspace, the The da Vinci Lab for Creative Arts and Sciences.

St. Stephen’s graduates enter top Houston high schools, ready. Explore our Middle Years program.

St. Stephen’s has built an impressive STEAM program centered on The da Vinci Lab for Creative Arts and Sciences. 

Join us for a two-minute introduction to St. Stephen’s.

The Middle Years program (7th & 8th grade) at St. Stephen’s is an exceptionally crafted and intellectually stimulating academic journey for 7th and 8th graders. 

Students who complete the Upper Elementary program (4th – 6th grade) are competent, capable, caring young people who are well prepared for the secondary level of their education.

Lower Elementary students (1st – 3rd grade) are well rounded academically and are curious, busy learners. 

The experiences of the Primary student (3-6 years old) include the development of reasoning, perception, and comparison. 

Learn the basics of a Montessori education from our resident expert, Principal Nahla Nasser.

Children who experience the positive discipline approach connect better with their community, family, and school.