The Annual Fund provided the following: 

  • Classroom Materials: Supplying classrooms with new materials, equipment and technology

  • Fine Arts: Enriching the arts programs, including theater productions, classroom music programs, and visiting artists

  • Faculty Development: Providing staff development opportunities, Montessori , IMYC and IB training and certification for our dedicated faculty

  • Enhanced Learning Opportunities: Taking students outside the classroom to engage with our city such as the Discovery Green Film and Fashion Festival, field trips, after school programs, and Da Vinci Lab

  • Enhanced Play Areas: Integrating physical activity throughout the day with indoor and outdoor play areas, games, and after school sports

  • Reserves: Ensuring funds for building maintenance

  • Financial Aid: Providing scholarships to qualified students to ensure St. Stephen’s maintains a vibrant and diverse student culture

Who Supports the Annual Fund?

Current Families
We ask every current family to support the Annual Fund, above and beyond their tuition payments. We strive for 100% participation, regardless of gift amount.
Our faculty and staff are not only dedicated educators, but generous supporters. Last year, 100% of our faculty, staff and board voluntarily contributed to the Annual Fund at significant levels.  They set an example and inspire us on many levels.
Alumni and their Families
Alumni are a small but important segment of the Annual Fund. Graduates, former students and their families give back to the school because of the positive, long-term impact St. Stephen’s has had on their lives. The school instills an intellectual curiosity and personal drive that remains with them long after they leave campus.
Grandparents are very special at St. Stephen’s. They support the school with their presence at school events, as school volunteers, and their financial gifts to the Annual Fund.

2019-20 Contributor List

2020-21 Annual Fund

Thank you to Kate and Erwin Ramos, our 2020-21 Annual Fund Co-Chairs, and the Development Committee. 

2020-21 Annual Fund


Kate and Erwin Ramos

Development Committee

Cristina Bedwell, Co-Chair

Mary Claire Walther, Co-Chair

Casey Dué Hackney

Jerri King

Kate Ramos

Tamala Singleton