May 2021

The following Summer Camp Policies and Procedures supplement the 2020-21 Student and Family Handbook as well as the School’s COVID-19 Safety Procedures and FAQ (COVID-19 Safety Procedures). Such policies and procedures are subject to review and revision by the Re-Gathering Task Force of the Church and School. 

Reporting Requirements. Summer Camp is operating under the oversight of Texas Health and Human Services. Among other requirements, St. Stephen’s must comply with reporting and contact tracing requirements if a child or employee tests positive for COVID-19. You must immediately contact Penny Barker, Head of School by email ( and mobile phone (713-821-9183):

  • IF your child tests positive for COVID-19 or
  • IF your child has had known close contact with a person who is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19.

Our Head of School, Penny Barker, is the primary point of contact for any COVID-19 questions or concerns. Penny may be reached at or 713-821-9183 (mobile phone).

Quarantine. The cohorts for Summer Camp 2021 are (1) Orientation, (2) Primary, and (3) Elementary. Cohorts will not mix.

A Summer Camp student or employee is “ON-campus” if the student or employee was on campus during the: (1) 2 days prior to his/her symptom onset (if they had symptoms) or (2) 5 days prior to his/her positive COVID-19 lab result. If a student or employee (ON-campus) is diagnosed with COVID-19, the School will notify all families of the affected cohort and all members of the cohort will be subject to the following quarantine requirements. 

A student or employee who has had known close contact with a person who is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19 may return to school after the student or employee:

  • quarantines for 14 days (from the date of last known close contact) with no COVID-19 symptoms AND
  • obtains a diagnostic test (rapid or PCR), as directed by a physician, that comes back negative for COVID-19.

Quarantine Refunds. Should your child be required to quarantine due to one of the following situations, you will receive a full refund of paid Summer Camp fees for the days/weeks that your child is unable to attend Summer Camp. Your child will be required to​ quarantine at home if your child:

  • Has had known close contact with a person who is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19;
  • Is diagnosed with COVID-19; and/or  ​
  • Is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Masks. St. Stephen’s mask protocols remain unchanged for Summer Camp 2021, and are as follows:

  • All adults will wear masks on campus, including in carpool.
  • Orientation students will not wear masks.
  • Primary students are required to bring two (2) cloth masks to wear daily “as feasible.”
  • Elementary students are required to bring two (2) cloth masks to wear daily “as feasible.”

It is not “feasible” to wear masks in the following circumstances, which circumstances will be determined by the person(s) caring for the child at that time.

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Napping
  • Difficulty breathing*

*Outdoor play and dining are important components of our Summer Camp 2021. We also recognize that the anticipated heat of a Houston summer may make it difficult for students and adults to wear masks during extended periods on the playground. If any person–student or adult–is having trouble breathing while wearing a mask, that person may remove his or her mask and/or take any other necessary measures to ensure that normal breathing is restored and maintained.

Bring to Camp. Please send your child to camp with the following items (labeled with your child’s name): ​

  • Water bottle(s) filled with water to last throughout the day (refills cannot be permitted);​
  • A nutritious snack for the morning;​
  • A nutritious lunch (if applicable);​
  • A nutritious snack for after lunch (if staying for After Care);​
  • Three (3) full sets of clean clothes, including underwear (new Orientation students and Primary students only);​
  • Diapers (Orientation only); and
  • Two (2) cloth masks (Primary and Elementary only).
  • Orientation and Primary students should arrive at Summer Camp wearing sunscreen and insect repellant.

Summer Camp Hours. Please note the following Summer Camp hours for all levels. The fee for late pick-ups is $20 plus $1 per minute.

  • Before Care (drop off): starting at 7:30 am
  • Morning Carpool (drop off): 8:00 – 8:15 am
  • Half Day Carpool (pick up): 11:30 – 11:45 am
  • Full Day Carpool (pick up): 2:30 – 2:45 pm
  • After Care (pick up): no later than 5:00 pm

Summer Camp Drop-off and Pick-up. At drop-off, a teacher or assistant teacher will take your child’s temperature. Children with a temperature of 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or more will not be permitted to enter campus.

Teachers and/or assistant teachers will meet your child at the following pick-up and drop-off locations (see the map below).

  • Drop-off and Pick-up for Orientation will occur at the Monro Building – enter the Sul Ross lot from Woodhead Street.
  • Drop-off and Pick-up for Primary will be conducted at the sidewalk on Sul Ross Street in front of the house at 1822 Sul Ross Street.
  • Drop-off and Pick-up for Elementary will be conducted at the Havens Center at 1827 West Alabama Street.

In the event that you are dropping your child off late or picking your child up early, please ring the bell at the Nave entrance. Sylvia or Sara will meet you to coordinate the late drop-off or early pick-up. If a staff member is not present when you arrive, please call (713) 821-9100. Adults entering campus are subject to temperature checks and Raptor registration. Adults may accompany their child to the classroom door but may not enter the classroom.