Thank you for your support and partnership. We cannot say it enough. Your commitment to St. Stephen’s Episcopal allows us to do what we love, to teach.

This year, our teachers have successfully executed distance learning, in-person learning, and hybrid learning. This success – which was no small feat – demonstrates our teachers’ academic dexterity and robust teaching skills as well as their grace and commitment. In many ways, this year has been the year our teachers became “American Ninja Warrior Teachers,” gliding past one obstacle and conquering another. We celebrate our teachers!

Through Seesaw, parents of Orientation, Primary, and Lower El students have enjoyed a window into the classroom and their children’s learning. In Upper El and Middle Years, Google Classroom and Zoom have allowed students to move seamlessly between online and in-person learning. Utilizing these platforms, our families have enjoyed continuity of education and observation. 

The da Vinci Lab continues to take STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) to the next level at St. Stephen’s, with additional classes during the school day and extended care offered in the lab. Drawing on an unlimited pool of creativity and ingenuity, our Arts Department recreated its curriculum to deliver a dynamic arts experience.

And we had some fun along the way! Halloween and Spirit Week brought the whole school together for smiles, laughter, and a moment just to be kids and kids at heart. The celebration continued with our first-ever virtual Lessons and Carols, with over 150 families logging in to support our students. This semester, we are gearing up for Valentine’s Day with a special emphasis on grandparents and special friends, Karen Soh Snow Day, and more!

In difficult times, our community banded together and dug deep to support the school and each other. The community donated over $100,000 to the Annual Fund and generously supported fundraisers run by our Middle Years students and the Girl Scouts. Our holiday giving program resulted in record-level donations to our teachers and maintenance staff. The PTO, Board, School, and Church continue to recognize our hardworking faculty and staff by providing fancy coffee, sweet and savory treats, gift cards, and additional benefits. 

Thank you! Thank you for faithfully complying with our COVID-19 policies and procedures. Thank you for proactively keeping sick children at home and for promptly communicating with the school. Thank you for managing distance learning. Your partnership allows us to operate our small school safely during the pandemic. 

We ask for your commitment to St. Stephen’s in the next academic year. Please be looking for an email from the school on February 1, 2021, containing your 2021-22 Enrollment Agreement. Please sign and return the Agreement and pay the deposit of $1,800 by February 25, 2021. After this date, the school will offer contracts to qualified applicants. 

We’d like to show our sincere gratitude for your dedication and support by offering you a Loyalty Discount. If you return the 2021-22 Enrollment Agreement and remit the deposit ($1,800) by February 25, 2021, you will enjoy a 2% discount on tuition for the 2021-22 academic year. The 2% discount will be applied after any financial aid, remission, and/or other discounts. The 2% discount is available for every student enrolled at St. Stephen’s during the 2020-21 academic year. We appreciate you!

Please reach out to Jennifer, our Re-Enrollment Coordinator, at should you have any questions regarding continuing your child’s education at St. Stephen’s Episcopal.

More Info:

  • DEWAR Tuition Refund Plan brochure. Families paying tuition via monthly installment payments must purchase the Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) for each student. TRP Fees are payable through FACTS on a monthly basis.

  • Loyalty Discount and More. Learn more about the discounts available to qualifying families. The Business Office looks forward to discounting your tuition in the following order: (1) financial aid and/or tuition remission, (2) sibling discount, (3) early pay discount, and (4) loyalty discount.

Jennifer Erickson
Re-Enrollment Coordinator - Current Families