St. Stephen's utilizes the Seesaw Family app to keep families informed and the Seesaw Class app to facilitate distance learning. Seesaw doesn’t share or sell your child’s personal information or journal content. Content posted on Seesaw is only available on Seesaw. Seesaw’s strong privacy promises are available here.

Seesaw Family App

Orientation and Primary Families
  • The Seesaw Family app is a virtual window into the classroom and your child’s learning. It allows you to view your student’s journal, including photos, videos, and voice recordings. 
  • The invitation can be shared with grandparents and special friends who want to follow your child’s learning journey. Only invited persons may view your child’s journal. 
  • The Seesaw Family app gives your child an authentic audience for their work – their own family – which motivates them to do their best. 
All School Families
  • A robust platform for whole-school announcements, the Seesaw Family app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.
  • The Seesaw Family app connects you with the St. Stephen’s community. 

Seesaw Class App

  • Students can use the Seesaw Class app to post to their journal, view and respond to activities, view announcements from the teacher, and comment on their own work.

  • Students cannot log in as another student, see another student’s work, or comment on another student’s work with Home Learning codes.