Fall 2020 Parent Education Series
presented by Nahla Nasser, Principal, and your children's teachers

Montessori 101
Nahla Nasser explains all things Montessori - concepts, theory, pedagogy, history, rationales, and, most importantly, how the Montessori method can help your child succeed.

Primary Parent Education
Our Primary teachers will show us how compassion, high standards, manipulatives, and progression combine to create a curious and engaged Pre-K learner.

Lower El Parent Education
Join our Lower Elementary teachers as they present on the next step of independence, interdependence, and interdisciplinary learning at St. Stephen's. This presentation will cover how we teach math and language art skills as well as science, history, and geography, all while supporting the social and emotional growth of our LE students.

Upper El Parent Education
Our Upper El teachers will continue the Montessori journey, covering pedagogy and technology in the classroom. Come and learn about how we take Montessori principles to the next level of complexity and abstraction in Upper Elementary. ​​​​​​​

Middle Years Parent Education
Our Middle Years teachers will speak on our academic powerhouse (virtually) located in the Nevers Building. The conversation may also include essential topics such as creating leaders, bonus programs and class trips, philanthropy and social justice, community and team learning, keys to high school success, and how Montessori principles track through a St. Stephen's education, from the age of 18 months to grade 8.

Positive Discipline
The capstone presentation for our parent education series, Nahla Nasser will speak on positive discipline. Positive Discipline is based on recent research that tells us that children are hardwired from birth to connect with others. Children who experience the positive discipline approach connect better with their community, family, and school.