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Contact Information
Ralene Corley
Upper Elementary Lead Teacher
Lizby Dingus
Upper Elementary Lead Teacher
Charles Larrabee
Lab Guru, da Vinci Lab for Creative Arts & Science
Gissela Nader
Spanish Teacher
Grace Sung
Music Teacher, Elementary-Middle Years
Jean King
Art Teacher, Upper El - Middle Years
Ricardo Vargas
PE Teacher/Coach
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Distance Learning Handbook > Upper Elementary
Technology / Platforms
  • Google Classroom for classroom assignments, Vocabulary Spelling City for language homework, Khan Academy for math homework, Xtramath for facts work.
  • Upper Elementary will offer a highly streamlined and organized interface on Google Classroom with guardianship involvement.
    • Google Classroom will be organized by level, and then by topic.
    • Work will be assigned during lessons
      • Classroom assignments will be posted on Google Calendar through Google Classroom.
      • Math assignments will be posted in Khan Academy
      • Spelling & Vocabulary assignments will be posted in Vocabulary Spelling City.
    • Parents will receive weekly updates that show grades, upcoming assignments, and missing assignments. In order to view the assignments or student submissions in detail, parents will need to log in with their student’s username and password.
    • Students will have live access to grades via Google Classroom.
  • Seesaw will be used for school-wide announcements.
  • Students must check email daily.
Student Engagement
  • Upper Elementary students will participate in daily, morning check-ins. There will be at least one meeting and one group lesson live each school day, with individual live lessons offered during various time slots during the week. Attendance will be taken at each lesson.  
  • Students will participate in multiple work periods throughout the day, allowing for frequent contact with teachers.
Recommended Additional Activities
  • Complete assignments
  • Reread assignment and associated materials
  • Rewatch lesson video
  • Look for helpful resources in books or online
  • Ask peers where to find helpful resources
  • Email a teacher asking for resources, assignment clarification, or to schedule a reteach
Assessment / Feedback
  • Attendance
  • Participation and completion of work
  • Corrections/feedback will be sent to students when appropriate
Materials / Supplies
  • The School will provide a Chromebook to each student. 
  • Students should have access to the following general supplies.
    • Pencil & erasers
    • Paper or notebook
    • Highlighter
  • Students should have access to the following distance learning supplies and a designated workspace.
    • Internet access
    • Computer with webcam and microphone or tablet
    • Scanner or camera
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Distance Learning Handbook > Art, da Vinci Lab, Music, P.E., Spanish
  • All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom and Artsonia. Students will be expected to view and be familiar with videos, websites, etc. posted in Google Classroom.
  • Students will upload their artwork to Artsonia Classroom or Google Classroom. Students will write an artist statement for each work submitted.  
da Vinci Lab
  • Students will find their assignments and classroom materials on Google Classroom. Students will be asked to sign into web-based platforms such as TinkerCAD,, and 

  • It is highly recommended that students use a three-button mouse (not a touchpad) to do computer assignments. While some of our learning platforms are compatible with iPads, it is usually easier to work using a laptop or desktop computer. 

  • The school will provide individual music enrichment packets, which include recorders for Upper El. The instruments are school property, and students need to return them at the end of the school year. 
  • Ideally, students should attend P.E. classes in an open space outdoors. Basic sports equipment, such as balls, may be used in classes.
  • Spanish may utilize additional free APPs, including Rockalingua,, Sr. Wooly Pro, and Quizlet.