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Contact Information

Devin Kinsella
Distance Learning Teacher

Brandy Watkins
Art Teacher, Kindergarten - Lower El

Gissela Nader
Spanish Teacher

Holli Richardson
Director of Fine Arts

Ricardo Vargas
PE Teacher/Coach

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Distance Learning Handbook > Primary
Technology / Platforms
  • Primary will utilize Seesaw as the primary platform for connecting with parents and students, with class meetings and lessons conducted via Zoom. 
  • A weekly schedule will be provided on Seesaw.
Student Engagement
  • Students will engage in individualized work plans by level, including individual and group meetings with the distance learning teacher on a weekly basis.
  • Students will return to their original assigned class when they return to on-campus learning. To ensure consistency in the delivery of curriculum, lead teachers for the original assigned class will provide guidance on appropriate lessons. Group lessons will be included, allowing students to participate with their class.
  • The distance learning teacher will be available daily during office hours.
Recommended Additional Activities
  • Watch a story time video
  • Clean up and restore learning space
  • Prepare lunch/snacks, set the table, clean up, and restore
  • Nap time
  • Silent reading
  • Playtime, yoga
  • Art projects, American Montessori Society activities
Assessment / Feedback
  • Attendance
  • Participation and completion of work
  • Corrections / feedback will be sent to students when appropriate
  • A note regarding the duration of distance learning:  St. Stephen's School has set the duration for distance learning in Primary based on consistency, importance of assessment and review of concepts, and teacher support.  The first four weeks will be a mix of old and new concepts, skill assessments, establishing routines and expectations.  As a result, for the majority of students, distance learning should be expected to be the mode of learning until the end of October.  Ms. Nasser, our Principal will contact you in early October to discuss your decision to have your child continue in distance learning or return to campus.  
Materials / Supplies 
  • Lists of advanced learning kits (by year level) will be provided to families for purchase from Montessori providers at the beginning and middle of each academic year. Basic learning kits will be provided by the School.

  • Teachers will provide appropriate materials and school supplies, including suggested learning APPs and printed or printable learning packets for each student.

  • The School will provide Chromebooks to Kindergarten students upon request (if a computer is not available at home).

  • Students should have access to the following distance learning supplies and a designated work space.
    • Internet access
    • Printer, printer paper, ink
    • Computer with webcam and microphone or tablet
    • Scanner or camera
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Distance Learning Handbook > Art, Music, P.E., Spanish
  • All assignments will be posted on Seesaw and Artsonia. Parents will upload their student’s artwork to Artsonia Classroom.
  • The School will provide a list of items typically found at home (plastic bottles, coffee cans, etc.) that can easily be transformed into rhythm instruments (shakers, rhythm sticks, drums, etc.) as well as individual student music enrichment packets.
  • Ideally, students should attend P.E. classes in an open space outdoors. Basic sports equipment, such as balls, may be used in classes.
  • Spanish may utilize additional free APPs, including Rockalingua, Sr. Wooly Pro, and Quizlet.