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Contact Information
Matthew Beard
Middle Years Humanities Teacher
Meredith Guerrero
Middle Years Math and Sciences Teacher
Anita Long
Film Instructor
Charles Larrabee
Lab Guru, da Vinci Lab for Creative Arts & Science
Darius Daniels
Theater Teacher
Gissela Nader
Spanish Teacher
Grace Sung
Music Teacher, Elementary-Middle Years
Jean King
Art Teacher, Upper El - Middle Years
Ricardo Vargas
PE Teacher/Coach
Stefan Blozinski
Film Teacher
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Distance Learning Handbook > Middle Years
Technology / Platforms
  • Middle Years will be leveraging Google Classroom for curriculum and grading, and Google Meet for live video lessons.
    • Students will have access to a syllabus through Google Classroom
    • Updated assignments will be posted on Google Calendar through Google Classroom.
    • Students and guardians will have live access to grades via Google Classroom.
  • Writing classes will incorporate Kidblog, a browser-based platform, for regular writing submissions.
  • Seesaw will be used for school-wide announcements. 
  • Students and parents must check email daily, and parents are expected to subscribe to the guardian email summaries from Google Classroom.
Student Engagement
  • Middle Years will follow the same schedule as during a normal school day. Assignments will be checked at the beginning of class, a new lesson will be taught daily, and then a new assignment will be given, subject to the following exceptions: test/quiz days, if an assignment requires extra time, or if a lesson must be repeated.
  • All live classes will be recorded on Google Meet and posted in the corresponding Google Classroom.  Students can access these lessons at any time for review.
Assessment / Feedback
  • Attendance is required and will be taken five minutes into the lesson.
  • If a student does not attend a lesson and there is no notice beforehand, the student will be counted as absent for this class.  In this case, there will not be a repeat lesson, and the student is expected to watch the videos independently.  Additional support will be available during Study Hall if needed.
  • Work is to be turned in on the due date and will be penalized daily, up to one week, before being counted as a zero. 
  • Grading will occur as usual. 
Materials / Supplies
  • The School will provide a Chromebook to each student.
  • Students should be equipped with the items on the Middle Years Supply List.
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Distance Learning Handbook > Art, da Vinci Lab, Film, Music, P.E., Spanish, Theatre
  • All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom and Artsonia. Students will be expected to view and be familiar with videos, websites, etc. posted in Google Classroom.
  • Students will upload their artwork to Artsonia Classroom or Google Classroom. Students will write an artist statement for each work submitted.  
da Vinci Lab
  • Students will find their assignments and classroom materials on Google Classroom. Students will be asked to sign into web-based platforms such as TinkerCAD,, and 

  • It is highly recommended that students use a three-button mouse (not a touchpad) to do computer assignments. While some of our learning platforms are compatible with iPads, it is usually easier to work using a laptop or desktop computer. 

  • Zoom will be our training platform for the film department. Class assignments will be distributed via Google Classroom, including the benchmark schedule and task deadlines. 

  • The School will provide a Chromebook, Google Suites, and Adobe Suites. Additional technology and software, provided by the executive producers, will come into play when available. Recommended is a cellphone for filming that can also run Adobe Rush and access to a laptop or desktop for editing purposes. 

  • The school will provide individual music enrichment packets, which include ukuleles for Middle Years Choir. The instruments are school property, and students need to return them at the end of the school year. 
  • Ideally, students should attend P.E. classes in an open space outdoors. Basic sports equipment, such as balls, may be used in classes.
  • Spanish may utilize additional free APPs, including Rockalingua,, Sr. Wooly Pro, Coffee Break Spanish, and Quizlet.
  • Students will participate in Theatre via: (1) computer with webcam and microphone or (2) tablet or cell phone.