Zoom / Google Meet Etiquette 

We want to keep our community safe online, should classes be conducted via Zoom or Google Meet during distance learning. We expect all persons attending or conducting online classes to abide by the rules below. 

  1. Login rules 

  • You may attend a class only if you are listed on the roster for that class. Do not share invitations to classes or passwords with your friends or people outside of the class. 

  • Log in to your class on time or (better) 5 minutes prior to the start of the class. 

    • Attendance for live lessons/meetings is required, and attendance will be taken five minutes into the lesson or meeting. Students arriving after the first five minutes will be counted tardy.

  • Login using your full name (do not use a nickname). Students using nicknames will not be admitted to class. 

  1. Once you log in to the class, be sure to mute your microphone (lower left-hand corner) and turn on your camera. 

  1. If you wish to speak, either physically raise your hand or use the "Raise Hand" button at the center of the bottom of your screen. Once the teacher calls on you, unmute yourself and begin speaking. When you have finished speaking, indicate you are done by saying something like "That's all" or "Thank you" and then mute your microphone again. 

  1. The Zoom chat feature is a tool to make comments and ask questions without interrupting the speaker. Be aware that your comments are public and are recorded in the minutes of the session.  

  1. Remember that, even though you may be alone at home, your teacher and classmates can see you! Please dress for classes online as you would dress for classes on campus. Please do not log in from bed. 

  1. Your teacher and classmates can also see behind you. Make sure that there is nothing in the background (traffic, other people, a pile of laundry) that may distract from the class. You can employ a Virtual Background to hide what you don't want to be seen. 

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