The da Vinci Lab for Creative Arts and Sciences

St. Stephen’s has built an impressive S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) program centered on The da Vinci Lab for Creative Arts and Sciences. The da Vinci Lab is both a program and a place, led by a dedicated, full-time faculty member. Every student in grades 1-8 spends at least an hour every week in the lab. The youngest students learn core computer skills like typing, internet safety, and basic coding. In later grades, the lab offers St. Stephen’s students the resources and opportunities to explore creative solutions to complex, hands-on problems. Occupying a stand-alone building, the lab is equipped with everything from sewing machines and 3-D printers to woodworking tools and laser cutters. The lab also includes a gallery space and mounts several exhibitions every year, allowing students to share their creative and technical work. 

The da Vinci Lab @ St. Stephen's

Science.Technology.Engineering.Mathematics @ St. Stephen's

Lower El students are working on building paper circuits. The students are demonstrating how to troubleshoot broken circuits and use a multimeter.