St. Stephen’s strives to address all concerns in a timely and thorough manner. Generally, concerns should be directed first to the student’s teacher. The Principal and/or Head of School may be involved if necessary.


whom to contact.png

For specific queries, please contact the person(s) listed below.
  • Absences – Teacher, copy the Principal
  • Academic Difficulty – Teacher, followed by Principal
  • After-Care Activities – After-Care Coordinator, followed by Principal
  • Behavioral Concerns – Teacher, followed by Principal, followed by Head of School
  • Curriculum – Teacher, followed by Principal, followed by Head of School
  • Donations, Fundraising suggestions – Director of Development or Head of School
  • Extended Care Registrations – Assistant School Administrator
  • Family Concerns – Teacher, followed by Principal, followed by Head of School or Chaplain, if needed
  • Financial Questions – Director of Finance and Operations, Head of School
  • Homework Assignments – Teacher
  • Parent Involvement/Volunteering – PTO President
  • School Policies – Student and Family Handbook, Principal, followed by Head of School
  • Special Needs, Learning Differences and Accommodations – Lead Teacher, Principal, School Counselor, and Head of School, if needed
  • Standardized Testing – Teacher, Principal
  • Tuition Assistance – Director of Finance and Operations or Head of School
  • Online Access or problems with PlusPortals – Director of Technology
The St. Stephen's community adheres to the following respect guidelines in our communications.
  • R    take RESPONSIBILITY for what you say and feel without blaming others 
  • E    use EMPATHETIC listening 
  • S    be SENSITIVE to differences in communication styles 
  • P    PONDER what you hear and feel before you speak 
  • E    EXAMINE your own assumptions and perceptions 
  • T    TRUST ambiguity because we are not here to debate who is right or wrong