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“A friend advised that we visit another school and St. Stephen’s School. We found St. Stephen’s first and said, ‘This is it!’ We never toured the other school. St. Stephen’s is warm and accepting and meets all of the items on the check list.”

-New Parent of First Grader, Fall 2019

“I am a teacher so I know some are passionate about their work and others are passing time; you never know which you will get. When I heard the Head of School’s speech, And: Freedom and Accountability, I knew we were in the right place. My children are happy . I am very happy and so glad we found St. Stephen’s.”

- New Parent of Fifth Grader and Primary Student, Fall 2019

“Our child has been at St Stephen’s from age 4 (Primary Class). He is currently in the Middle School. He has excelled academically, and over the years has tried many cool things, from basketball to photography to the da Vinci Lab. Most importantly, we appreciate that he is part of a loving community that values every soul on campus.”

- IMYC (Middle School) Parent, Spring 2017

“Having a smaller amount of students in the learning environment allows the student to develop relations that are a lot more meaningful. We are closer to one another and can be seen as one large family. Like the phrase goes, “quality over quantity,” and that’s what St. Stephen’s has to offer.

I have been at St. Stephen’s since 2nd grade, and for the past two years I have been in the middle school. I can say, with all my heart, that it is a great middle school. The academics offered there are excellent and engaging. The teachers push us to do our best and help us get there. Socially, my classmates and the community is one I’ll never forget, and it is one that will never forget you.”

- IMYC 8th Grade Student, Spring 2017

“We are so happy at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School. We moved to St. Stephen’s because our third grade daughter was constantly stressed by homework and exams at her previous school. The Montessori philosophy is perfect for her, and most children, I believe. She loves learning again and is flourishing. The amount of homework for my now 5th grader is less than 20 minutes per night and she usually gets it done during one of their built in free work periods. She has art, music, and Spanish twice a week and drama and Da Vince lab once a week. The Fine Arts Program at St. Stephen’s is outstanding and is helping both of my children blossom into happier and more creative and confident individuals. I love that in Montessori kids can work at their own pace and move about the classroom. There are many students that can work well above their grade level. The teachers at St. Stephen’s are the best we have ever had. They are so caring and engaged and my kids absolutely adore them. My kids already know the teachers in the advanced grade levels and this creates excitement for the future. Finally, my favorite aspect of the school is its culture. The school is “wildly creative, compassionate, and accepting.” Not only are my children getting a fantastic education here, they are also becoming amazing human beings!”

- Upper Elementary Parent, Fall 2017



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