St. Stephen’s Episcopal School—Houston nurtures each child's academic, creative, and spiritual potential.


St. Stephen’s sees a future where young people lead with compassion, acceptance and a holistic view of the world. Our students are the future; they are our hope and promise for a more caring human community. To nurture that future, our faculty and staff seek to instill the core values in our students and strive to weave these values into the community.


St. Stephen’s Episcopal School—Houston is a parish day school that began as the Independent Montessori School at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in 1971. The school was invited to move to the St. Stephen’s Church facility in 1983 and in 1987 it became an Episcopal school incorporated as St. Stephen’s Episcopal School—Houston. In 1993, the middle school became the first Montessori middle school in Houston. 

During the 1960s, St. Stephen’s was one of the first parochial independent schools in Houston to open its doors to African American students, for which the school paid a price with a decrease in enrollment. The school eventually closed and did not open again until 1983.

In August of 2013, St. Stephen’s adopted a new curriculum for its middle years’ students called the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), which is based on comprehensive brain research studies of 12–14 year old children worldwide. The IMYC serves as the perfect educational bridge for students moving from the 6th grade Montessori classroom into middle school.. 

Over the school’s 41 years, we have educated students from Russia, France, Spain, Thailand, Chile, Saudi Arabia, China, and Malaysia. Our curricula encourage our students to form a global perspective and our school culture embraces difference and affirms the innate worth of all people, in our own corridors, across our city and abroad.